Results from last night’s 2014 Gravick Ranch 1911 Open

July 26, 2014 – July 26, 2014

4985 FM-1017

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2013 Gravick Ranch 1911 Open has been a great success for us.

Gravick Ranch would like to invite you to our annual single stack 1911 shoot. This open event is going to be a great entertainment for shooters of all ages and skill levels. Following great success of our last year shoot we have new things in store for you this year.

The course is designed by a Special Forces Operator, for safe practical real world interesting event stations that offer fun challenges for shooters at all levels, it will also include several mystery events.

Not only division winners, but all entries will have a chance to win valuable prizes. Prize pool has been increased to $12,000 and includes among others a high quality 1911 from Dan Wesson and CZ-USA, Night Vision hog hunt at Gravick Ranch with Jim Kniestedt, cash prizes in form of $50-$500 dollar gift certificates donated by Rio Grande Outfitters, and also many quality items for shooters and hunters provided by RSR Group.

Date & Place: July 26th, 2014, Gravick Ranch, San Isidro, TX

Note: On July 25th the will be a 1911 single stack training course . Limited to 20 participants, course fee is $275/person. From 9:00am to 4:00pm, with lunch included. Half day participants are welcome.

Match Director: Eric Hinojosa

Contact: (956) 407-9947, erich@gravickgroup.com

Match: 10 stations/scenarios, 2 mystery events. Shooting scenarios will be posted here by May 31st.

Each station could be steel, paper or/and a combination of both. All stations will be shot once for time. A maximum of 24 rounds will be needed per station. Two magazines changes are required at each station.  From each station you will be shooting between 8 and 24 rounds, this will require at least 2 reloads. 8 round magazines are required.  The match will have Lewis class.

2013 Gravick Ranch 1911 Open

2013 Gravick Ranch 1911 Open


  • 1911 single stack, caliber’s 9mm, .38 Super, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, 8 round mags only
  • Hip holsters (no open face race holsters)
  • No cross draw or IWB holsters
  • Metallic sights only
  • No electronic or red dot sights.

Prize pool $12,000

  • Main Prize (drawing, all entrants eligible): Night Vision Hog Hunt for two with Jim Kniestedt at the Gravick Ranch, Dan Wesson 1911
  • Event Prize (shooting event, all shooters eligible): Handgun and trophy to 1st place in each division, $250-$50 gift certificates to the 2nd through 5th place in each division from Rio Grande Outfitters (outdoor & adventure online store)
  • Raffle Prize (drawing, all entrants, raffle ticket holders): Valuable prize pool, outdoor and shooting items, ammunition, hunting accessories and others valued items over $6,000 in total value

Entry Fee: $125 per shooter

Entry fee includes one entry, one ticket for the drawing of the main prize, one raffle ticket (additional tickets will be available for Purchase), 5 star BBQ lunch and gift items.

Divisions: Law Enforcement & Military, Civilians, Doctors, Wounded Veterans, Ladies

Safety: For this event Gravick Ranch will be a cold range. No loaded guns outside the designated hot zone. Eye and ear protection must be worn in the hot zones. For the match USPSA safety rules apply.

USPSA Handgun Match Rules 2014 USPSA Handgun Match Rules 2014

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Sponsored by Dan Wesson, Revos Media, CZ, Rio Grande Outfitters, RSR Group, Shooters Magazine.