Dr. No: Gravick Ranch Exotic Game – Texas Dall Sheep, Blackbuck

Texas Dall Sheep Gravick Ranch

Texas Dall Sheep with Dr No at Gravick Ranch

We arrived at Gravick Ranch by 2:00pm on Sunday January 12, 2014. I got to tell ya folks, I have had the privilege of hunting at some of the finest facilities in our Great State and in my opinion, Gravick Ranch is one of the premier Hunting and Sport Shooting facilities in all of Texas.

As usual, upon our arrival, we were greeted by the fine staff at the Ranch and were informed that everything was ready for the “Post-Hunt Celebration” (which has become the norm at Gravick Ranch).

We sat down in the spacious Game Room Headquarters to plan our hunt for the afternoon. On the list for the days hunt were two ever-illusive, and well adapted, Exotic Game animals – The Blackbuck and the Texas Dall Sheep Ram.

The weather was a little testy as there were Thunder Storms and gusty winds moving in from the Southwest that day. This forced us to seek cover at times however, none the less, we were on the Quarry almost immediately thanks to our trusty, well-seasoned guides. In two separate groups, we stalked the herds of Blackbuck on the South Ranch and Dall Ram on the North Range. After a period of driving by truck and all-terrain vehicle, we eventually finished the stalk on foot. Success was at hand as we were able to bag two fine, trophy animals. The staff was on hand to secure the animals and prepare them for the eventual ride to the Taxidermist and Meat Market for processing.

Note: Using a 300 Ultra Mag, The Dall Ram was taken at 182 yards from an elevated 30 foot berm and the Blackbuck was harvested at 95 yards with a 30-06 rig from a ground blind.
The Campfire Stories and Texas T-bones were tastier than ever that night.

Once again, my sincere thanks to the Proprietor, Jim Kniestedt and the all the fine folks at Gravick Ranch for another successful and Thrill-filled Hunt.

Very truly yours,

Dr. No