At Gravick Ranch we teach several driving courses with curriculums that are carefully designed to fit the needs of individuals who may be exposed to threats as well as those charged with their protection. The courses are updated and refined on a regular basis to ensure relevance to evolving global circumstances. ALL VEHICLES ARE PROVIDED.

Accident Avoidance Training

This course is designed for the everyday driver. Participants will learn “swerve to avoid” maneuvers at highway speeds, how to focus your attention on escape routes, understanding vehicle dynamics, skid control and recovery practice, threshold braking on straight stretches and progressive braking on curves and off-road recovery.

Security Driver Course/ Evasive Driver Course

This course is designed for individuals who are vulnerable and under the threat of a terrorist or organized criminal attack while in transit. The training emphasizes the proactive approach to protection. Areas covered are Terrorist Operations & Surveillance Detection; consisting of past terrorist/criminal attacks, lessons learned, route analysis and surveillance detection.

Security Driver Training is designed to improve the car control skills of licensed drivers at any experience level. The student will also learn about ocular driving: the use of focusing your eyes on where you want the vehicle to go.

Unimproved/Off- Road Course

This course is designed to improve the off-road driving skills at any experience level. The student will learn about different terrain surfaces and how to read and change driving techniques based on vehicle language. The student will learn and understand approach and departure angles, determine suspension variables and the importance of planning prior to negotiating an obstacle.

Vehicle Commandeering Course

This course is designed to teach individuals to quickly acquire a vehicle without the use of a key. The training focuses on improvising the tools needed, overcoming the security and locking devices, identifying and selecting the appropriate electrical circuit (both inside and under the vehicle hood) in order to start the vehicle.

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We are not open to public. Our courses are by appointment only.