Gravick Ranch offers friends and clients premium hunting experiences for whitetail, turkey, quail, hogs and exotics right in the heart of South Texas Brush Country. Due to limited hunting pressure, your odds for success run high. We are well prepared to accommodate shotgun, rifle, muzzleloader, archery and handgun hunters. 

Hunting at the Gravick Ranch

gr03-dear-1Whitetail Hunts

Gravick Ranch offers pristine South Texas brush country whitetail deer habitat. All whitetail deer hunts require a minimum of two days to harvest the animal. The trophy price includes a guide fee. Lodging cost not included.

Gravick Ranch Management/cull hunt 150 BC or less $3,500

Gravick Ranch Corporate deer hunt 200 BC or less $9,000

Gravick Ranch Trophy deer hunt 200 BC or above $15,000



The blackbuck antelope offers the hunter a hard chase. This animal is very wary and will dash at the first hint of danger. Please allow two days to hunt this animal. Guide fee included. Lodging cost not included.

Hog Hunts


Gravick Ranch Hog hunts will be from noon to noon. This will include an afternoon hunt and an evening hunt with no limit on the amount of hogs you can harvest. Gravick Ranch offers lodging at an additional fee. There is no season on hogs; we offer hunts all year long!gr03-hog-1


Night Vision and Thermal Vision: Gravick Ranch’s fully guided Night Vision or Thermal Hunts. These hunts 

offer an adrenaline filled hunting experience of a lifetime. Giving the hunter the opportunity to get up close and personal to wild Texas feral hogs in the dark of night! Guide fee included. There is no season on hogs; we offer hunts all year long! Lodging cost not included.


$500 per hunter-per day- Minimum of three hunters

South Texas is known for its abundance of white wing dove and Gravick Ranch sits in the middle of a flight path. This offers the ability to limit out every hunt! This price includes lodging and meals. Only double guns will be allowed on all dove hunts. Guns are available for rent for a $40 a day fee.


$750 per hunter-per day-Maximum of three hunters

Gravick Ranch offers wild quail hunting on over three thousand acres. With well-trained dogs we are sure to make your hunt extremely successful and fun. Gravick Ranch quail hunts will be done with double guns, which are available for rent if needed for a $40 daily fee.

Chukar and Pheasant

Gravick Ranch also offers Chukar and Pheasant hunts. Please call or availability and pricing.

Additional Hunting Information

*If an animal is wounded 100% of total cost of hunt must be payed*

* If the animal is not harvested the lodging fee will still apply and a $175 a day fee per hunter*

*If you choose to use the shooting range a $100 fee will be added to your total bill*


We offer specialty training for those preparing to hunt in challenging terrain or go after dangerous game. Our courses will greatly increase the chance that your hunt of a lifetime will go as planned. Gravick Hunting Classes can be combined with any hunting packages for additional fee.

Charging animal is a not uncommon sight on a dangerous game hunt.

Charging animal is a not uncommon sight on a dangerous game hunt.

Mountain Game, Plains Game

Gravick Ranch offers a special 2-3 day course that forges the skills needed to hunt game in tough environments. Instructors with decades of hunting experience in the most challenging environments and background in special operations and forces will provide hunters with knowledge and practice to help greatly increase the chance of success.

Safari, Dangerous Game & Travelers Awareness

This is a two (2) day program designed for safari hunters engaging dangerous game. Your instructors will be world class hunters with decades of hunting experience in the most challenging areas of Africa, Asia and South America. Courses include:

  • variety of animals and scenarios, tailored to client needs
  • wide variety of available firearms, from size .30 to 700 hunting calibers
  • animal silhouettes, stationary and moving , and dangerous game charging targets
  • international traveler awareness & security class

International Traveller Security

Dec XMAS & STF 116DSC_5516

Instructors with background and decades of experience in special services, counter surveillance, special operations and forces will give lessons and presentations on how to avoid danger and survive in alien or hostile environments. This three (3) day program will include:

  • class lessons in our AV presentation ready lodge
  • travel security and awareness lessons
  • hands-on evasive and defensive driving lessons

This program is ideal for traveling executives or hunters visiting countries in Africa, South America, the Middle East or Asia.