The Kniestedt Foundation's Inaugural Event. Hog Hunting at Gravick Ranch

Premier South Texas quail hunting. Available by appointment only.

Gravick Ranch is active in conservation management program for feral hogs in Texas. We also take the meat to local churches and Soup Kitchens to support the local communities while making a conservation effort for Texas.

Our whitetail deer sightings ...

Trophy pictures from our clients and visitors to Gravick Ranch

Our shooting courses offer variety of targets suitable for all skill levels. We offer pistol, carbine, long range rifle & shotgun courses.

At Gravick Ranch we teach several driving courses whose curriculums are carefully designed to fit the needs of individuals who may be exposed to threats, as well as those charged with their protection. The courses are updated and refined on regular basis so as to be relevant and responsive to evolving global circumstances.

Through the years we have built great relationships with our clients and they keep coming back

Life at the ranch, our friends, Gravick Ranch events.

The girls know how to have a good time at the range